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To: Hammerhead Plate Aluminium Boats (Fiji) Ltd.

Thanks guys for getting me into “Archilles” , what a great job you have done designing and building this boat, as you know I am a go anywhere, anytime game fisherman and my day fishing is always “on”, no matter what the weather, this boat is so me, it really suits my personality, it is just so strong and safe and built for fishing it is truly awesome, the best game fishing boat around I am very comfortable cruising anywhere around the Fiji group in Archilles, and the many fishing mates and families that have been with me also have enjoyed the ride.

You boys are always there to look after my every boating need with servicing and fitting of my many fishing gadgets, advise and many other boating discussions.

Thank you Hammerhead Boats.

Lieth Wilson


Kiribati Ports Authority

The Kiribati Ports Authority (KPA) in 2009 chose the Hammerhead Plate Aluminium Ltd to be the builder of its pilot boat because of the attractive price, specifications, builders’ skills and experience and also because safety and comfort are very critical attributes KPA is looking for.

KPA’s brand new pilot boat Teeitei was built in January 2010, completed in September 2010 and launched in October 2010. Teeitei has been professionally built as it can be seen from the end product. Teeitei is serving what it was built for – transporting KPA pilots to pilot in and out cargo vessels, patrolling the port waters, being chartered by various organizations and so forth.

When compared to KPA’s previous pilot boat, Teeitei is much more efficient in speed, safety, comfort, shape, colour and so forth. The colour of Teeitei – rescue orange – is promoting maritime safety in Kiribati. Recently, KPA has received very positive comments from those who have hired Teeitei for transport to outer islands. One of their comments is “Teeitei offers the best service ever…we would love to buy and own one of this kind of boat!”

The builders are very customer-oriented and very professional in their service and relationship with their clients. KPA has developed an excellent relationship with the builder. It is a dream of KPA to generate more funds in order to procure and purchase another new pilot boat to serve other port services.


Mrs. Rubee Eromanga
General Manager
Kiribati Ports Authority
Phone: (686) 25147
Fax: (686) 26164



In 2005 - I became the proud owner of “Kalokalo ni Viti” – that was a 34’ Fiord - of fiberglass construction and powered by twin GM Hummers.

By no means a new boat as she has been in Fiji for about 20 years and has had 4 owners.

Whilst on the lookout for a boat, I was looking for something that:

Was 30 – 40’ in length
Had twin diesels – shaft driven
Had a fly bridge
Was of fiberglass or aluminum construction
Was a good sea going vessel.

“Kalokalo ni Viti” was on the market and fitted my ‘wish list’ and was priced within my price range.

My only reservation was that in being a North Sea design – she had a small fly bridge and a squat cockpit area – which are two areas most commonly used in Fiji.

So after much consultation, with many a boating expert and those specializing in both fiberglass and aluminium construction, I finally contracted Anton Lee of Hammerhead Boats to design and build the modifications - I required. This was not an easy task as I had a fair idea of what I wanted done but did not have any detailed drawings.

The challenge I gave Anton was to:

extend the cockpit by 4 feet – keeping the same lines and without affecting the trim.
Extend and rebuild the fly bridge making it more livable and protected by a full canopy.

We agreed to do the extension as an Aluminum “bolt on” with as much of the fly bridge – also in Alum to – keep the weight down.

‘Kalokalo ni Viti’ was hauled out at the Yacht Club where Anton and his Team went to work.

Anton used his skills and design to help make many of the decisions - on site.

We had many skeptics who were convinced that we were ruining what was a good boat.

We soon quitened them down when after 3 months of intensive work – what was a good boat became a ‘great boat’ – especially for Fiji waters.

Alfred Griffen looked after all the painting work and also did a great job in ensuring that anyone looking from the outside, would not be aware that a ‘4’ bolt on’ - was added.

The trim and performance of the boat has improved with many a great time being enjoyed - in the newly created areas.

Vinaka Anton – for taking on the challenge and for doing such a great job. Five years have passed with no signs of any design and or construction faults and she is still looking as great as ever.

Dave Aidney
Chairman & Managing Director

Aluminium is known to be the ideal boatbuilding material: it’s light, economical, requires minimal maintenance, nearly impervious to corrosion, less easily damaged and more easily repaired than any other material used in boat building.
Aluminium boats are considered the most practical and sought after choice in both the
Thanks guys for getting me into “Archilles” , what a great job you have done designing and building this boat, as you know I am a go anywhere, anytime game fisherman and my day fishing is always “on”, no matter ..........
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